Psychological Quizzes and Personality Exploration

Everyone has had problems at some point in our lives, counseling can help you change a problem that is getting in the way of you living the life you want.

Click on the links below to take a quiz. They are completely confidential, sending us your scores is completely up to you. If you find anything that interests or concerns you, contact one of our counselors or set up an appointment. If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

young man in red shirt gritting his teeth and squinting his eyes

Anger Management Quiz — If you feel like your anger is becoming a problem in your relationships or that you just inwardly feel angry more than you are alright with, counselors can help you learn skills to better manage your anger so that it doesn’t have to control you anymore.

black and white cracked picture of a woman looking sad

Depression Questionnaire — If you think you are concerned that your sadness may be something more and it is limiting your ability to enjoy your life, take this quiz to see if you may have a problem with Depression, which is a treatable problem. It doesn’t have to control your life.

graffiti of a bewildered person and text saying "NO ONE IS COMING TO THE RESCUE"

Anxiety Questionnaire — If you feel like you are worrying more than you should and feel like it is affecting your relationships and sense of peace, take this quiz to see if you may have a problem with Anxiety, it is a treatable disorder.

person in b&w stockings holding a cigarette and liquor bottleSubstance Abuse Quiz — If you feel like your use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco is interfering with your school, personal life, or sense of personal safety and security, you may have a problem with substance abuse. We can help, and you do not have to be alone in your struggles.

3780773240_b8b602e9b0_oAssertiveness Quiz — Do you find it difficult to ask for what you want or need or say no? Do you feel frustrated or defeated when people seem to treat you like a doormat? We can help you learn assertive communication skills to better meet your needs and goals.

damaged mannequin torsos

Relationship Problems & Abuse — Not all wounds can be seen, but they hurt none the less. Abuse most commonly happens from someone close. Counselors can help you be safe and reclaim your life. Take this quiz and start empowering yourself, you are not alone, we can help.

woman's stomach with a skeleton image overlayEating Disorder Quiz — If you find that you are never okay with the way you look and feel like it is controlling your life, you may be struggling with an eating disorder. Take this quiz. There is no such thing as a perfect person. Counseling can help you take back control of your life and start loving yourself in all of your imperfect perfection.

4049680250_a46811c0e7_oMajor Exploration — TypeFocus is an online assessment similar to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Click the link to explore your interests, skills & values in finding a best fit career. Please contact our office to get the access code.