All criminal justice, public safety, physical and information security management practices require a unique set of education, management principles and guided knowledge involving best-practices and academically supportive research. Students will gain insight into human services as it relates to different criminal justice and related working environments in government and private sectors and other support organizations. We work to help students develop sought-after managerial and administrative skills associated with the monitored delivery of associated operations, risk management, information technology, all criminal justice human services related management areas.

Students enrolling in our Internship and Cooperative Education courses can be supporting local, state, federal operations and services provided by Criminal Justice and related public safety and private sector working environments.

Students gain valuable insight in human resources, management, and essential employment services and areas of work as performed in

  • criminal justice
  • law enforcement
  • courts
  • corrections
  • probation and parole
  • private security
  • public safety
  • emergency
  • contingency planning and related support organizations.



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