Welcome to the College of Social Sciences and Communication!

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If you are already a student in one of our excellent programs or are one of our graduates, I hope to hear from you and to learn about your experiences at UA-Little Rock and beyond. Please reach me at ljbondmaupi@ualr.edu. Follow the stories of our students and alumni here on our website and via Facebook.

If you are considering one of our courses of study, please join us and take advantage of the many opportunities to work with accomplished faculty who are excited about what they do and are committed to providing meaningful, quality educational experiences for our students. As you join our college, you will have the benefit of the team in our student success center, the LINK, dedicated to supporting you as you Dream Big and move toward your educational and career goals. Please visit the LINK in Ross Hall 120.

Our college is committed to interdisciplinary and applied programs such as non profit leadership and management, and community development. We are home to University Television, public radio KUAR/KLRE, the Survey Research Center, the Center for Nonprofit Organizations, and the Center for Public Collaboration. These and many other centers in the college provide students with opportunities for applied research and creative activity and to engage with the larger community.

Improving their communities, state, country, and world drives our students. Our alumni are leaders in the public, non-profit, and private sectors applying highly valued skills in communication, quantitative analysis, critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, technical writing, and context-based reasoning. They are also committed to the value of cultural diversity, collaborating to build inclusive workplaces across the city and state (and beyond).

We hope you find yourself here.

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I look forward to meeting you!

Lisa Bond-Maupin, Ph.D.
Founding Dean