Structural Geology

Structural Geology Geofloat Field Trip to Lake Ouachita and vicinity, Ouachita Mountains Core Area, Fall 2007

South verging assymetric folds in Blakely sandstone
South-verging asymmetric folds in Blakely Mountain Sandstone near Blakely Mountain Dam.

Mikey, Jennifer, Drew and Jimmy examining deformed Mazarn limestone.

Rocky looking for the next stop
Captain Rocky searching for the next stop.

Collier conglomeratic limestoneConglomeratic Collier Limestone with clasts of chert, sandstone, and oolitic limestone – probably a submarine landslide deposit.

Too much stuff
Too much stuff.

Hotel Island CampgroundHotel Island Campground.

Folds in Arkansas NovaculiteFolding and thrust faulting in the Arkansas Novaculite.

Angular Fold in Arkansas NovaculiteSouth verging angular fold within thin-bedded middle Arkansas Novaculite.

Sunrise on Lake OuachitaSunrise on Lake Ouachita.

Sunrise at Lake OuachitaSunrise on Lake Ouachita 2.

Folds with cleavage in the Arkansas Novaculite.
Folds with cleavage in the Arkansas Novaculite.

Folds and cleavage in the Ordovicial Womble ShaleFolded Womble Shale with slaty cleavage.

Recumbant isoclinal fold in Crystal Mountain Sandstone
Recumbent fold in Crystal Mountain Sandstone.

Chevron Folds in Bigfork ChertChevron Folds in the Ordovician Bigfork Chert.

Folding and faulting within the Stanley ShaleFolding and faulting within the Mississippian Stanley Shale, McLeod Exit of Hot Springs bypass.