Licensure Information Page


  1. Praxis Core:
    1. Undergraduate Applicants may use ACT/SAT (flyer or handout)
    2. Graduate Applicants may you GRE/MCAT/LSAT (flyer or handout)
  2. Background Checks:
  3. For course/GPA requirements please see your program advisor

Arkansas Department of Education:


Traditional vs Nontraditional Program:

UALR considers undergraduate programs as a traditional route and all Graduate programs as a nontraditional route.

Undergraduate Programs

  1. Elementary Education (grades K-6)
  2. Middle Childhood Education (grades 4-8)
  3. Secondary Education (grades 7-12)

Graduate Programs

  1. Middle Childhood Education (grades 4-8)
  2. Secondary Education (grades 7-12)
  3. Adult Education (
  4. Building Level Administrator License (grades P-12)
  5. District Level Administrator License (grades P-12)


Standard License:

Five-year renewable license, issued by the State Board, which allows the license holder to perform professional education services for the licensure content area and licensure level specified on the license.

At the completion of your program, you will qualify for your Standard 5 Year Education License.  All candidates must meet graduation and license requirements to receive your degree/license.  For program specifics, please see your program advisor.



Licensed educators may add additional areas of licensure through the required Praxis Exams and/or Program of Study.  For program specifics, please see the program coordinator for each endorsement area.


Endorsements offered through UALR 

  1. Gifted and Talented (Dr. Ann Robinson)
  2. Reading (Dr. Linda Dorn)
  3. Dyslexia Specialist (Dr. Dorn, Dr. Layton)
  4. Coaching (Dr. Prince)
  5. ESL (Dr. Dhonau)

For questions regarding adding an area or endorsement to your current license, please contact License Coordinator, Heather Newsam.


Provisional License:

A nonrenewable three-year provisional license issued to an experienced professional for the purpose of teaching on a part-time or full-time basis as teacher-of-record in an Arkansas public or charter school. (More information on teacher licensure in Arkansas can be found at the Arkansas Department of Education.


To be eligible for your Provisional License:

  1. Be enrolled in MEd program
  2. Passed Praxis Core and Praxis Content-Specific Exam
  3. A Position to teach in your area of licensure for which you are seeking


License Officer Information
Heather Newsam
Director of Teacher Licensure and Placement
University of Arkansas at Little Rock, School of Education
Dickenson Hall Room 419F
Office: 501.569.3553
Fax: 501.569.3547