FDA Award for Integrated Computing Students

Lisham N. Singh and Sithu D. Sudarsan, May 2012 graduates from the Integrated Computing doctoral program at UALR, are part of the Semantic Data Mining Development Team that was recently recognized with a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Group Recognition Award. Other team members include: Xiaofan N. Feng, Brian J. Fitzgerald, Raoul P. Jetley, Rahul Pandita, and Lohit N. Valleru.

Singh and Sudarsan, both of whom came to UALR from India to pursue their PhDs, were part of the team conducting research at the FDA as part of their doctoral studies.

The FDA Group Award, established in 1987, is an honorary award and is being presented to the team for “exceptional innovating, planning and execution of a strategic scientific initiative toward building a semantic text mining search environment at the Food and Drug Administration and for promoting its use in clinical adverse event management.”

The FDA Group Award, established in 1987, is an honorary award presented to groups of individuals. The criteria for this award are as follows: A.) Exceptional outstanding leadership that contributed to the successful accomplishment of FDA’s mission or the redirection of FDA objectives; or B.) Exceptional performance which brought tribute to FDA, the Public Health Service, the Department, or the Federal Government; or C.) Significant and exceptional performance of a single, one-time achievement or service benefitting the public or resulting in major advances in an FDA program; or D.) Sustained superior performance of duties that sets an unusual record of achievement warranting special recognition; or E.) Superior performance of a special act or service in the public interest, related to employment, which far exceeds normal position requirements.

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