EIT Career Week 2014

Career Fair Center

Need a job? You’re in the right place.

Get prepared for the 3rd Annual UALR EIT Career Fair. This is your 1-stop page for all resources pertaining to the career fair.


Career Fair Tips

Here are some tips for the career fair:

  • Do your research. Check online for companies that are hiring for your major and that do things you’re interested in. Know what companies you want to talk to before you come to the event.
  • Talk first. This shows confidence.
  • Prepare an elevator speech. An elevator speech should be no longer than 30 seconds and should sum up yourself and what you’re looking for in a few sentences.
  • Have a firm handshake.
  • Have resumes handy. We recommend bringing a portfolio. Digging through a bag for a resume that could be wrinkled or carrying them around in a paperclip is very distracting and unprofessional. Be sure resumes are on resume paper. Even if you’re a freshman or sophomore, put forth your best effort. It shows you truly want to succeed.
  • Know what you’re looking for. Internship or full-time? Location? Line of work? Know these things. They’ll ask, and they prefer for you to be more specific than “just wanting a job”.
  • Know at least the basics about the company. It’s helpful knowing the basics of the company and some of the technologies they work with to help you know what you want. If you can pinpoint a particular part of a company you’re interested in, they’ll know you’ve done your research. Even if you’re a freshman or sophomore, this part is important.
  • Always seem interested. Don’t just linger up to a booth for the goodies. Talk to the recruiter like you’re actually seeking employment or information.
  • Have good eye contact. Don’t look around; if it helps, look at their forehead.
  • Be confident. This is the most important part. Even as a freshman or sophomore, act confident in your abilities. Don’t be overconfident or lie about your what you’re capable of, but graciously tell them that you haven’t made it to that concept in your program yet.
  • Always accept interviews. Even as a freshman or sophomore, interviews are a great time to ask questions about the company and future opportunities. The same recruiters come back every year, and they’ll remember the people who declined or didn’t show up for interviews.
  • Know your resume. A lot of questions the recruiters will ask will spawn directly from your resume. Know it well and be prepared to converse about any topic on it.

Submit Your Resume

Sorry, the deadline for submitting resumes has passed. Be sure to prepare it for the career fair.

Need resume help? Check out this page for resume building tips.