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The UALR English Department invites all English program alumni to take advantage of the Alumni E-mail List and Ask Your Former Professor services!

Alumni E-mail List

If you are a recent or past graduate of the UALR English program and would like to:

  • Receive forwarded job opportunities
  • Provide feedback to the Department on how the program helped you prepare for whatever you did next
  • Keep in touch with faculty and other alumni

then you should join the UALR English Alumni mailing list!

How To Join

To join, send e-mail to to In the body of the message, write

subscribe EnglishAlumni-L first name last name

replacing “first name” and “last name” with your first and last name (for example, subscribe EnglishAlumni-L John Doe). Note: Do not include a signature line, such as the one at the bottom of Hotmail files, do not include carbon copies, and do not include a subject line.

How to Leave

You can leave the list at any time by sending e-mail to with

signoff EnglishAlumni-L

in the body of the message. Note: Do not add your name, a signature line such as the one at the bottom of Hotmail files, carbon copies, or a subject line.

Ask Your Former Professor

If you graduated from the UALR English program, your former professors will still help you to answer questions about grammar and other English related topics. All you have to do is ask!

Updated 4.13.2007