Thomas R. Tudor

Between work, family, and other activities, most Americans feel at their wit’s end. Dr. Thomas Tudor’s research is aimed at helping alleviate the stress that is a part of people’s fast-paced lives.

Thomas Tudor – College of Business

“Everyone going to work today is under some type of stress,” Dr. Tudor said. “If my research can help reduce that, we can increase worker productivity, reduce absenteeism, and even reduce healthcare costs.”

The professor’s management research is focused on the causes of stress in the workplace. After narrowing those causes, he has found that a few companies have gotten the approach to workplace-related stress right. Dr. Tudor cites high-technology companies that offer more fun-filled workplaces, healthcare facilities located on the job site, and even free lunches as taking a proactive approach to reducing turnover and improving worker recruitment.

Dr. Tudor is also about to embark on two international research projects. He will study sexual harassment in the workplace in Asia and the approach businesses and governments have taken to deal with it. In addition, Dr. Tudor will study companies’ approach to religious understanding and accommodation in relation to Christians, Jews, and Muslims.

tom tudor After earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Virginia Tech University, Dr. Tudor earned a master’s and doctorate degrees in management from Virginia Commonwealth University. He is a member of the Southern Management Association and the Society of Human Resource Management. In addition, he was recognized in 2002 for the best paper award from the Western Decision Sciences Institute.