Policy Advisory Council

Policy Advisory Council: This Council shall advise the chancellor on academic and administrative policies of the university subject to the authority of the Assembly and the Faculty Senate. As part of its duties, the Council shall participate in university level budget hearings.

This Council shall consist of the president, the immediate past president, and the elected officers of the Faculty Senate; the elected chairpersons of elected standing councils and committees of the Faculty Senate; the chairperson of the Planning and Finance Committee; the chairperson of the Staff Senate or that person’s designee; the president of the Student Government Association or that person’s designee; one student affairs representative; and two members of the Assembly appointed by the Executive Committee of the Assembly.

Policy Advisory Council Membership
Office Member
 President  Andrew Wright
 Immediate Past President  Richard Ford
 Vice President of the Faculty Senate  Joanne Matson
 Secretary of the Faculty Senate  Beth McMillan
 Parliamentarian of the Faculty Senate  Denise Legrand
 Undergraduate Council, Chair  Mike Tramel
 Graduate Council, Chair  Kent Layton
 Council on Core Curriculum and Policies, Chair  Belinda Blevins-Knabe
 Faculty Appeals Council, Chair  Tom Tudor
 Planning and Finance, Chair  Rosalie Cheatham
 Committee on Tenure, Chair  Rob Steinbuch
 President of the Staff Senate  Shanna Morris
 President of the Student Government Association  Lauren McNeaill
 Student Affairs Representative  Vacant
 Assembly Member  Vacant
 Assembly Member  Vacant