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Faculty Senate

Senate Working Documents

Here you will find posted from time to time working documents that may be useful to faculty senators and their constituents.

Posted 09 Apr 2010:
The report to the Chancellor from the Senate’s Planning and Finance Committee on budget cuts experience by other universities and how they’ve responded to them.

Posted 08 Sep 2009:
The Chancellor’s draft of proposed university policy on tenure and promotion.
This draft will go the the Committee on Tenure for review. They will bring it forward to the Senate with their recommendation(s).

For reference, here is the motion on promotion and tenure as it passed the Senate on September 19, 2008.

Posted 06 Nov 2009:
The comment period for this revised draft of proposed IRB policies extends through November 23, 2009. Comments go to

Posted 10 Nov 2009:
Following are two documents from the Committee on Tenure of the Senate for your review. The first is the Committee on Tenure’s proposed resolution on promotion and tenure policies, developed after review of the chancellor’s proposed draft (see the 06 Sep 2009 posting above). The second document is a timeline for the tenure and promotion process drawn by the Committee on Tenure from the proposed policies.

Updated 4.9.2010