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‘Undead’ parade the Rivermarket

Submitted by Harrison Mitchell on October 14, 2010 – 11:56 amNo Comment

On Sunday night I ventured downtown to shoot zombies, a hobby that I hope to experience one day, but this day it was with camera in hand. What were these mindless, walking bags of brain eating flesh doing downtown?

Believe it or not, zombies give to charity, and the Little Rock Zombie Walk was hosted to help local animal charities. For the zombies to walk, they needed only one dollar and a can of dog food. They also had to sign waivers promising not to act like zombies for fear of citations from the LRPD.

This is not the first time zombies have ransacked downtown Little Rock, though not associated with the same people, it seems to be an annual event picked up and hosted by a local, this year by an Evelle LeChat . Sunday (10-10-10) was world zombie day, a full 24 hours dedicated to my favorite hellions.

Gina Smith of Little Rock came as a HazMat specialist turned zombie. It was learned that standard air filter masks don't filter out the zombie virus. Sorry Gina. Photo by Harrison Mitchell

The tag-a-long zombie shown here in the middle of an intersection was the last to follow up the zombie group. He eventually made it. Photo by Harrison Mitchell

Seen here, zombies have taken over the River Market in downtown LIttle Rock. Photo by Harrison Mitchell

Zombies parade down the sidewalks of the Rivermarket area. Photo by Harrison Mitchell

Zombies gathered downtown behind the RevRoom Sunday night for the Little Rock Zombie Walk to benefit rescued animals. Photo by Harrison Mitchell

(From left to right) Zombies Amanda Lewis, Zach Stine, Lisa Westbrook, and Brian Broussard of Little Rock pose for a group zombie picture. Photo by Harrison Mitchell

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