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Plato’s Closet gives you the biggest bang for your buck

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Faren Ready-Hale, staff writer—Plato’s Closet in North Little Rock had its grand opening on Oct. 5, and business has been taking off ever since.  Plato’s Closet is a retail store that focuses on selling the latest trends, and staying in touch with in-season fashions.

Plato’s buys and sells gently used brand-name clothing and accessories.  It isn’t like most consignment shops.  You don’t have to wait for your clothes to be sold before you get paid. Plato’s will buy your clothes on the spot, as long as they are in style, ready to wear and in good condition.

A rack of color-coded shirts and shoes at Plato’s Closet in North Little Rock. Photo by Faren Ready-Hale.

The store accepts clothing and accessories from popular stores such as, Aeropostale, Hollister, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, American Eagle and more.

Plato’s offers trading for clothes, too.  Once clothes are brought in to sell, instead of receiving cash, you can get clothes worth the amount of your old clothes.

Currently, the store is looking to stock up on winter wear such as sweaters, coats and boots, but Plato’s Closet accepts clothes from all seasons at anytime of the year.

The store accepts most clothing items, excluding swimwear, evening gowns and sunglasses.

The target demographics for Plato’s Closet are teens and twenty-somethings, but there are selections for older consumers as well.

Walking through the front doors, you would think you were walking into a regular store in the mall, without the regular store prices.  The racks of clothes are color-coordinated and arranged by size, making shopping easier for the consumer.

Plato’s Closet has a large variety of everything including jeans, shirts, shoes, scarves and accessories from brand names, like Jessica Simpson and Bebe, without paying high prices. A pair of jeans from True Religion purchased online can cost anywhere between $200 to $300, but at Plato’s, they are $45.

Marsha Guest, a Plato’s Closet employee, said she enjoys it. She originally worked at Plato’s Closet in Wichita, Kan., where she learned all about the business.

“I’m addicted to it now. It’s like in my blood,” Guest said. “This job allows me to keep up with the latest trends.”

Guest said she feels that Plato’s should be located around college students.

A display of accessories at Plato’s Closet in North Little Rock. Photo by Faren Ready-Hale.

“I think there should be a Plato’s close to college students because selling clothes would be a good way for students to get extra money.”

Crystal Ojukwu, senior psychology major, has never been to Plato’s Closet but once she found out about the store, she thought it was a good way to earn some money.

“I think great. It’s a good way to clean out your closet and get some money for your old clothes,” Ojukwu said. “This store would be great for college students.”

Plato’s Closet is located in the Lakewood Village Shopping Center at 2621 Lakewood Village Drive in North Little Rock.  For more information on Plato’s Closet, visit the website

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