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Cheapskate? Try these fun and frugal V-date ideas

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By Jessica Maxwell, contributing writer– Choosing the right idea for Valentine’s Day can be hard, but picking one that is within your budget can be even harder. Whether you’re looking to WOW a first date, or ignite some  romance with your current lover, The Forum’s got you and your budget covered.

If you’re on a budget of $25.00 or less:

  • Think to-go menus or cooking a meal together at home. You can pick up a dinner for two anywhere for less than $25.00 and bring it home, cuddle up and watch sappy romantic comedies. Or even better, cook something yourselves. I mean honestly, when is the last time you two actually cooked a meal together? Simply taking the time to cook together is romantic, and choosing recipes that include aphrodisiacs such as oysters, asparagus, or pineapples is just plain sexy.
  • Take a trip down memory lane. Have your date show you where he or she lived as a kid, or their old school, then you do the same for them. Talk about your childhood aspirations and what you loved to do. It will open a lot of doors for conversation and you may discover something you didn’t know.
  • Take a trip to the Arkansas Arts Center. Admission is free and you get to view some spectacular art. Opening your mind to various types of artists and artwork is fun and can definitely lead to interesting discussion topics. And hey big spender, throw a couple of bucks in the donation box if you really want to impress your date.
  • Go vintage and check out the Arkansas Skatium. If ice or roller skating is your thing, they’ve got both. It’s $11 per person, skates included, and only $8 if you bring your own. It’s fun if you’re comfortable being the oldest people there without kids, and don’t mind falling down A LOT.
  • Does the drone of cliché Valentine dates drive you up the wall? Put on some tennis shoes and go climbing at the Little Rock Climbing Center. Rates are $10 per person for a day pass. To make the date even more interesting, make a competition out of it. Winner gets gloating privileges for the day.
  • If other Valentine’s Day ideas are striking out, go somewhere where a strike is a good thing. Try a game of bowling at Professor Bowl. Game rates are $2.92 on evenings and shoe rental is only $1.85. The best part is that the beer is practically the cheapest in town.
  • Take a hike! No, really, go hike at Pinnacle Mountain. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a road trip to the Ozarks and check out Devil’s Den. It’s an extraordinary cave and exploring will give you and your date a chance to bond.
  • Need a laugh? Visit the Looney Bin. Shows are 18 and up and admission is only $10 per person. On Valentine’s Day, Tim Kidd will be the featured comedian. So, kick back with your date, have a few drinks and a good laugh.

Whether you’re in the mood for an adventure or a simple night at home, all these ideas for Valentine’s Day have been cleared as romantic and wallet friendly.  And don’t worry — your secret’s safe with us. We won’t let your date know where you got the idea. Have a safe and sultry Valentine’s Day.

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