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High school sweethearts continue romance at UALR

Submitted by Ricky Harris on February 11, 2011 – 12:14 amNo Comment

While some college couples may find it hard to balance school and their personal lives, two UALR students living on campus have found a way to make it work with only slight difficulties.

Photo by Ricky Harris.

Dylan Jacobs, sophomore philosophy and political science major, and Samantha Pye, junior early childhood education major, have been dating since high school.  It all started after Samantha joined the quiz bowl team because of her crush on Dylan.

Since coming to UALR in August of 2009, Jacobs and Pye have lived in East Hall on campus.  For some living in such close proximity to their significant other could be overwhelming, but this couple has had a near “perfect” experience.

“Find ways to spend time with each other, doing things you’d already be doing anyways,” Jacobs said when asked what advice he’d give to other couples.  “Do your schoolwork together, go to events together.”

However, Pye emphasized that doing so takes some getting used to.  “In the first few months…it’d be hard to sit in the same room together and work on homework.  But after such a long time together, I feel like we can handle it.”

“Don’t spend time with just one another.  We go out with other people whenever there are events.  But a positive for us is that all of my friends are his friends, so we can hang out with our friends, yet still have that alone time,” Pye said.

When asked about how they handle personal arguments, they emphasized that they don’t go to sleep angry at each other. “[Living two doors away from each other] forces you to work it out,” Jacobs said  “It’s not like we go days without seeing each other … we are forced to see each other every day, so it’s important to work things out.”

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