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Filmmakers forum offers pitch advice

Submitted by Kyle Troutman on June 2, 2011 – 2:47 pmNo Comment

Filmmakers in Arkansas have the chance to learn about things not well-taught in schools.

The Arkansas Filmmakers Forum will be at Reno’s Argenta Café at 6 p.m. April 28. Hoping to have the forum each month, this installment will have Graham Gordy attending to discuss pitching a film project.

“The event is really for networking,” said Gerry Bruno, founder of Let’s THINK Productions, the company hosting the forum. “Filmmakers show up and hang with like-minded individuals to talk about shoots, war stories and the like. They all just want to make films better.”

Open to anyone, filmmakers talk about their projects and find ways to fill some voids, like how to get a certain shot or move a camera a certain way. The event is also a good place for college students.

“We get lots of students from Southern Arkansas Tech University and the University of Central Arkansas,” Bruno said. “It’s a great place for college students to meet people already in the industry.”

Bruno went on to stress the fact that most professors don’t teach about pitching projects, making Gordy’s talk even more valuable to students wishing to break into the film industry.

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