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Campus speed limit increases

Submitted by Tony Howard on August 24, 2011 – 6:38 pmNo Comment

Illustration by Elizabeth Armstrong

The speed limit on Campus Drive recently increased from 15 to 25 mph after faculty, staff and students received warnings and citations for speeding, according to university officials.

Charles Donaldson, vice chancellor for educational and student services, confirmed that the speed limit increase occurred after he was given a warning by campus police for speeding on Campus Drive earlier this year.  Donaldson said that other factors played into the decision.

“The administration as well as I looked closely at the 15 mph speed limit and realized it was causing students, faculty and other staff to receive tickets,” said Donaldson.  “I played a role in advocating this speed limit change.  As the vice chancellor it is my job to advocate and to make things more conducive for students as well as the faculty.”

According to Brad King, director of the department of public safety, the old speed limit was in place because of the angled parking along Campus Drive West.  Because of new construction those spots no longer exist, so the speed limit was raised.

“The speed limit on campus was changed to a uniform 25 mph in March of 2011,” said King.  “The 25 mph limit is a standard for school zones across the state.  The city streets were already posted at 25 mph.”

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