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University Assembly votes and celebrates

Submitted by Patrick Lindsey on August 24, 2011 – 6:49 pmNo Comment

The first University Assembly meeting of the academic year took place on Tuesday, Aug. 16, to vote on two motions submitted by Pete Tschumi, instructor in the department of Engineering Technology.

The motions were introduced as a result of uncertainty regarding the vacuum created by Andrew Eshleman, former executive of the Faculty Senate, and how it should be filled. Eshleman departed the post to take to continue work in Portland, Oregon.

Two motions were explained and voted on.  “Motion A,” according to the University Assembly agenda, adjusted language previously stated in the University Assembly constitution. The change in semantics was due to lack of instruction concerning how the unanticipated void should be filled.  “Motion B” sought replacement of the term “resources manager” to “counsel” and was adopted with no opposition.

As Tschumi noted during assembly, “we’re just seeking to clarify,” so the new Executive of the Faculty Senate, Smith-Olinde, can assume position and duties without dispute or uncertainty.  As a result, these changes will serve to address any confusion “occurring in the future and to ensure alignment with the language in Motion A,” as stated by the University Assembly agenda.

The other motion referred to the change in the name of “resources manager” to “counsel” and was made to “clarify and emphasize the original intent of this position,” as stated by the amendments submitted by Tschumi.  Originally, the term “resources manager” was settled on for reasons of convenience, however, now that Motion A has been adopted, Motion B could also be settled since the gathering of Faculty, Staff, Officers, and officials was a “convenient time to make the change.”

In addition to amending the UA constitution, Sandra Robertson, Interim Provost, and Chancellor Joel Anderson offered remarks.  Robertson and Anderson each praised the work of faculty and expressed excitement about the upcoming semester.  Robertson noted that “21 departments have increased the quantity of majors offered since 2006” and “over $140 million in grant money has been allocated over an eight year period.” In the 2010-2011 school year alone, over $27 million was allocated to UALR faculty, said Robinson.

Juliana Flinn and Mary Ann Garnett expressed similar sentiments.

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