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Looking for a quick response? This code may help

Submitted by Ricky Harris on September 18, 2011 – 12:58 amNo Comment

They have been described as odd-looking bar codes and even mystifying crossword puzzles. But to those who use them on a regular basis, they are called QR codes.

QR, short for quick response, codes have been around for a while in Japan. They were developed in 1994 by a subsidiary of Toyota, according to They used the codes to keep track of vehicle parts.

They have become more and more prevalent in the United States recently, used largely for advertisement and marketing purposes.

But what do they do? How are they used?

To use a QR code, users must first download a scanning app on their smartphone. The Apple App Store, Android Market and other app galleries are full of various scanning apps. Most new phones even come with an app of this sort already installed on the device. To find an app, simply go to your phone’s app gallery and search “QR code scanner.”

After the app is on the phone, the process is simple: open the app and scan the code using the phone’s camera. At that point, the code does all of the work. Most codes link to web-based material such as videos or promotional websites. QR codes are sometimes even linked to phone numbers, SMS messages or detailed contact information.

The other side of the process is making a QR code. To do this, go to your favorite search engine and search for “QR code generators.” Popular sites include and The codes may look complex, but the process of making one is simple. Use the basic form to tell the generator what you want the code to do, then click to get your finished product. Then slap the code on your résumé or promotional items for a new form of communication that is sure to catch on.

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