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Trojan Spotlight – David Guarno

Submitted by Grace Townsend on October 13, 2011 – 7:00 pmOne Comment

Since the first time he picked up a baseball, David Guarno said he has been in love with the game.

Guarno earned First Team All-Region honors at Crowder College in Missouri, before transferring to UALR.

Baseball has always been a big part of his life, so much so that his family moved from Rochester, NY. just to be close to his brother Rick Guarno, who played baseball for UALR in college and is now an assistant coach for the Trojans. He said he looks up to his big brother and said he is one of his biggest influences when it comes to baseball

“We have always been really close growing up and I have pretty much learned everything I know from him.” he said.

For Guarno, having his brother as a coach is a little different but he said it’s also nice to have someone who knows his game whenever he needs advice.

“It is definitively different, but I like it though. I didn’t know what to expect when I first signed here at UALR, but there are no negatives, it’s just like the past four or five years of him helping me with baseball, except now he is here all the time,” he said, “I think it will make it easier on me because not only does he know me physically, he knows me mentally. I can’t always identify the mental things with baseball, with things like swinging or throwing the ball, so it is nice having him here all the time to help me see things I am not seeing.”

Guarno said he tries his best to treat his brother just like any other coach.

“The coaches here are really easy to get along with, I have played for three different schools and three different sets of coaches, and they are really personable and easy to talk to. They’re not hard to approach if I need to talk to them. It makes it easy to relax around here,” he said.

UALR made history at the 2011 Sun Belt Conference Tournament by becoming the first number eight seed in history to advance to the championship game and win the Sun Belt Conference Tournament. Guarno said he hopes that this year, history will repeat itself.

“I’ve never played for a team that has won before and I would love to win and do what they (UALR) did last year and win a conference championship,” he said.

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  • online sportsbooks says:

    It’s great to see Guarno finally getting both the attention he deserves, and the wins he helps make happen. I happened to see him at Crowder when I was visiting a friend who’s enrolled there, and he (Guarno) definitely caught my eye. He’s fast and his hands are made of glue.