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‘Dream House’ not worth the investment

Submitted by David Ellis on October 30, 2011 – 2:40 pmOne Comment

Despite a cast of top-notch talent, Morgan Creek’s “Dream House” is only good for killing time. The trailers for the movie do all but give away the predictable plot.

Will Atenton (Daniel Craig) is an editor working for a large New York publishing firm, who decides to quit his job to spend time with his family and work on his novel. He buys a house in suburban Connecticut for him and his wife (Rachel Weisz), and their two daughters.
The quaint home, and friendly neighborhood seems perfect. The couples dream suddenly takes a turn toward being a nightmare, as the couple finds out about the gruesome murders of the family that previously lived in the residence.
Strange events cause Will to investigate the house. Will finds out that the husband of the family shot his wife and two daughters. After a discovery of film footage and news clippings, Will finds out the killer is not in jail, but a mental institution in the city.
Determined to find out if the man is indeed stalking his family, Will travels to the institution to confront the man. Will finds out that he is the man accused of killing his family. In his need to make up a way to handle the deaths of his family, Will has created the persona of Will Atenton, his real name is Peter Ward.
Will/Peter is faced with the realization that he has been hallucinating. And is unable to remember if he did indeed murder his family.
It sounds like an interesting thriller, but this is a plot that has been done almost as much as the body- switch comedy.
If you still want to see this movie, I would wait until the video release. Your theater money could be better spent.

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