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Letter to the Editor: Trojan Trolley wrongly named

Submitted by adm_wordpress on February 1, 2012 – 5:54 pmNo Comment

I am writing to express my concern about the grievous misuse of the English language on this campus. I am specifically referring the naming of the new shuttle bus service on campus, known as “Trojan Trolley.” I wish to inform you that this is a misnomer and should be changed. According to Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary found on the second floor of the Ottenheimer Library, a trolley (or trolley car) is “a streetcar propelled electrically by current taken by means of a trolley from a conducting wire strung overhead or running beneath a slot between the tracks.” The device trolley is defined as “a grooved metallic wheel or pulley carried on the end of a pole by an electric car or locomotive, and held in contact with an overhead conductor, usually a suspended wire.” As these vehicles are neither gathering their power from overhead and neither are they electric, they should be renamed to buses promptly.

Thomas Mears, senior mathematics and computer science major

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