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Marrying your friends is easy as 1, 2, 3

Submitted by Taylor Hoffard on February 16, 2012 – 10:50 amNo Comment

I was watching an episode of “Friends,” (which I watch religiously every night). In this episode, Joey becomes an ordained minister to marry fellow characters, Phoebe and Mike. To do this, Joey simply made a call. As I watched, I began to wonder if it was truly possible to become ordained, in just a matter of minutes.

I Googled “become an ordained minister online,” and to my shock, multiple websites showed up. Out of curiosity, I went to (The American Marriage Ministries), which brought me to a page on how to become an ordained minister. After inserting my name, date of birth, email addresses, I was given a certificate of authenticity.

This process cost absolutely nothing, and was not time consuming. The only requirement was to be over the age of 18. The American Marriage Ministries does not require financial compensation; they only ask that we take our duties seriously.

After I was done viewing my certificate, the website gave me the option to buy different items, including an extra certificate and to have one mailed to me. There are also how-tos on performing marriages, and the process to legally marry a couple in each state.

Though Arkansas does not require a fee to marry others, some states do. The website provides information on how to go about the process if one is required.

The process for marrying couples is an easy task for the minister. The couple just has to show the marriage license to the minister, who approves its authenticity and signs it. Then, the ceremony can proceed.

I have already had people asking me to renew their wedding vows for them, including my best friend’s mom and others on campus. I would like to do a marriage, but so far haven’t had any offers.

Marriage is a serious commitment; and soon-to-be married couples have a right to be picky about choosing a minister for their wedding. For certain couples, having a close friend or relative marry them can be a dream come true, while others prefer their church minister.

Being able to become an ordained minister is a great way to help a couple if they would like a friend or family member to do their vows. Planning a wedding is already stressful enough and this step takes away some of that anxiety.

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