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Is the new iPad worth the upgrade?

Submitted by Ryan P.C. McQuen on March 22, 2012 – 5:38 pm4 Comments

The new iPad will be out March 16, to the chagrin of those of us holding on to our original iPads and iPad 2s.

The question on everyone’s lips is the worthiness of Apple’s newest baby. Should you sell your iPad for this one? Should you sell all your valuables to buy your first iPad, or is this post-pc thing just a farce?

The big changes in the new iPad (it’s not called the iPad 3) are a better camera and a very high-definition display, with resolution of over one million pixels more than 1080p (about 2 million pixels), all squished onto a 9.7 inch screen like the last two iPads. Apple is keeping the iPad 2 alive, selling it at a $100 discount.

The new camera is 5 megapixels, with the same camera as the iPad 2 on the front. The iPad 2′s camera was unspecified, with some sources like ZDNet saying the iPad 2′s camera was less than one megapixel.

So the big question is, is the new iPad worth the money, when the iPad 2 is now $100 cheaper (and a refurbished original iPad is available from Apple for $300, $200 less than the new iPad). The answer is, it depends on your needs. I think the average user will get a wonderful tablet for $300, I still use and love my original iPad. If you can’t live without a camera go for the iPad 2. But is the new iPad worth it.

Maybe if you are using it for photo management, and want that hi-res screen, or watch many movies (although the screens of the original iPad and iPad 2 are beautiful, they just aren’t as glorious as the new iPad).

The bottom line is that it is a great time to be shopping for a tablet. With options like Amazon’s Kindle Fire at $200, and the original iPad only $100 more now is the time to buy a tablet. If you can afford it get the new iPad, otherwise see our review for the Kindle Fire to decide if it is a better fit for you than Apple’s tablet.


  • Surminga says:

    It is always worth the upgrade as the longer you leave upgrading the less you are likely to get for the previous model which you possess. That is my logic of course, plus even though the new iPad has its flaws and not a huge amount of upgrades, it’s still better

  • mike k says:

    Yes, the iPad 3 is totally worth it! I love my iPad and i’m coming from the iPad 2. The screen is just breathtaking. Every time I visit NY, my niece always takes my iPad away to use it! She has an iPad 2 but still can’t resist taking mine! I think having a tablet is really a great way to help you learn, or to use it to help you study. My niece downloaded some apps that helps her read and do math, she uses it all the time with her private tutor in nyc. When I visit NY, perhaps I should upgrade her old iPad!

  • Sony says:

    Unless iPad used were very classical, every time when the newest iPad always have many shortcomings! Like the iPad3.

  • I must say that what ever Apple designs will be the best product. I am dying to buy the new Ipad but it’s not yet launched in India yet! :(