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App allows iPad users to ‘flip’ through news, social networks

Submitted by Clayborn Waters on October 18, 2012 – 2:14 pmNo Comment

Flipboard, an innovative app developed for multiple apps, has made it easy for smartphone users to have access to different apps by literally flipping through them.

Developed by Mike McCue of Tellme and Evan Doll of Apple engineering, Flipboard is displayed in a magazine format that allows you to seamlessly interact with multiple apps at once. This can be used with any app, but it is especially convenient when used with social networking, news and internet browsers. When you’re logged into to websites like Twitter or Facebook, you can easily sift through tweets or your timeline, allowing for easier, flawless use.

Flipboard has received many accolades since its creation. The app has been named iPad App of the Year by Apple, the “top social app” at the 2012 Webby Awards and easily ranked as one of TIME’s Top 50 Innovations. According to USA Today, the hit app has garnered the company more than eight million users since it launched for iPad in 2010.

But while the award-winning app has many assets, there are some cons to consider. There are currently no versions available for tablets outside of iPads, and it’s impossible to read stories offline without a supplementary app. The phone version is also far less innovative, as the size of smartphones don’t provide for comfortable and longer reading sessions like the ones available on iPad.

Nonetheless, Flipboard’s pros outweigh its cons. I think this a very cool, easy and helpful app, and I would highly recommend this to fellow students as well as company employees who want easy access to news, social networking and other apps without the wait.

Flipboard is currently available for iPhone, iPad and Android through various app stores, and was last updated on Aug. 3  in a 1.9.6 version.

Those interested in the app’s development and story may log on to for details.


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