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EMOBA hosts 20th annual ‘Haunted Cathedral’ in downtown Little Rock

Submitted by Ian Bennett on October 24, 2012 – 6:45 pmOne Comment

If you don’t already have plans for Halloween night, or would like to add something to your agenda, check out the 20th annual Haunted Cathedral at 1208 Louisiana Ave, a fundraiser hosted by EMOBA, The Museum of Black Arkansans and Performing Arts Center.

The Haunted Cathedral is claimed by to be the largest and scariest haunted attraction in Arkansas.  The combination of frightening scenes, animatronics and local actors makes the walkthrough of the cathedral a true thrill.  When driving by the daunting structure’s large, black windows, the mood is felt almost immediately as you pass by.

While the ticket salesperson and greeter are innocently nice, don’t let that fool you: what lies beyond the doors is a fifteen-minute, sometimes-splitting trail that leads you to different disturbing images of torture and insanity that induce the feeling of disorientation.

The work that has gone into building the adventure is something to admire, but don’t doddle, for if you do you’ll be met with a number of menacing demon figures who’ll help to scare you along the way.  And just when you think you’ve reached a quiet haven amidst the evil, think again. There are sudden high pressure bursts, flashing sparks and wet drippings to keep your heart racing until you reach the next nightmare.

One featured effect visitors will encounter is walking on rotten floorboards that make you feel like you’re about to fall through the Cathedral floor into the darkness beneath.  Also, you’ll come to what may seem to be a dead end, and that’s just the horror.  You’ll have to push your way in pitch blackness through a closing of tight Cathedral walls. My personal favorites were two bridges that guide you through a spinning vortex,  which cause extreme dizziness and force you to grip the rails. Even when you think you’ve made it safely to the exit, there’s a surprising finale that will give you one last good fright to top off the evening.

This was a fun experience for me, though everything has opportunities for improvement. Finding the entrance was confusing because it’s separated from the ticket table. It’s best to leave your cameras and camera-phones in the car since photography is not allowed; in fact, a police officer was summoned to check in my camera and phone, which was both offensive and a mood killer. Also, pay extra attention to the glowing arrows and keep your eyes open, because some parts of the trail inside are very dark, confusing and dangerous. Don’t step lightly and walk carefully in whichever direction you take.

The Haunted Cathedral lasts from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. with admission prices at $20 on Halloween night. Because the money goes to  good cause, I urge you to go the event and be prepared to be scared!

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  • I went to a haunted church like this back in my college days. I went along thinking there was nothing to be afraid of but at the end of it, there was a need to go out and get a drink!