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Ask questions

Submitted by Sarah DeClerk on January 17, 2013 – 5:28 pmNo Comment

Questions are important, so ask them. Never be afraid to ask questions and never be afraid of the answers that your questions may bring.

If you find yourself at a loss in any of your classes, ask for clarification. Read the material you are given and, if the answer is not there, ask your instructor. Good instructors will not chastise you for your questions; they will respect you for having the guts to ask. How can any student be expected to succeed if their questions go unanswered?

Of course, be prudent. Don’t be inappropriate or rude. Don’t speak out of turn. If you don’t have time to find your answers right away, write them down and find out later. Politeness and persistence go a long way when searching for the truth.

Ask questions throughout your life, not just in class. Keep your eyes open. Observant minds are filled with questions. Why are construction workers tearing up the street? How old is that building? What is its history? Who controls the air conditioning? Go find out. The answers may astonish you.

Questions are self-replicating. The more answers you get, the more questions they bring. That is the glorious thing about life – it is full of never-ending questions. Live your life with eternal questions, and you will never be bored. There is no better way to broaden your mind than to ask questions.

Ask questions persistently, relentlessly and tenaciously. Ask the questions no one else wants to ask, but everyone wants to know. Ask tirelessly, and do not stop for anyone or any reason. Never fear questions, because no answer can be worse than living oblivious to reality.

Questions are empowering. Their answers allow you to understand the true reality of things. By understanding reality, you have the power to take action and change it. This is our check on the powers that be. This is how we will build a greater existence. Question it, question it forever.


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