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No strings attached for Valentine’s Day

Submitted by Javari Burnett on February 17, 2013 – 4:45 pmNo Comment

Valentine’s Day is not just a couple’s holiday; it is also a day to show love to anyone who matters to you, regardless of the status of your relationship. Placed at the start of the year, it is portrayed in the media – particularly in flower, fragrance and jewelry advertising – as a special day set aside for love, romance and passion.

No holiday in human history has caused more misery than Valentine’s Day. If you are single, how do you manage to make it past Feb. 14 without stuffing your face with excessive amounts of sweets, drowning in your own pool of tears or having your heart ripped out of your bare chest? Well, I have a solution to this problem, and it is fairly simple: just live.

Although Valentine’s Day is a day when it is preferred that you are in a relationship, do not let that spoil your fun. In fact, people who are in relationship still tend to have V-Days that are bitter sweet. Instead, go out with friends, throw a singles party, go shopping or treat yourself to a fancy restaurant. There is no need to be cheap when you are celebrating yourself. Live it up.

Ladies, avoid feeling embarrassed. Even if your girlfriends are being showered with various amounts of gifts, you will be fine. A relationship shouldn’t define you.

Guys, there is no reason to mope about being single. Take time out just to enjoy yourself or catch up on some “you” time. Do some things that make you happy, because this is the perfect day to be selfish. Also, be happy that you don’t have to be involved with the gift hassle, or maintain the status quo that men are the ones who should supply the gifts.

“Treat yourself and say Happy Valentine’s Day to me,” said Okeyoree Miller, freshman biology major. It’s just that simple. Remember, “love shouldn’t cost a thing.”

As the old proverb goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Instead of being alone, use V-Day as an opportunity to spark relationships with some potential hopefuls. Even though you don’t have that special someone in your arms, the search isn’t over. There are still plenty of singles out there, and maybe one will catch your eye.

Plan a romantic first date. Enjoy yourself and keep an open mind. You never know – your relationship status could change before the day is over. It could be the start of something new.

Spending Valentine’s Day alone can be a real downer, but only if you let be. Get together with the people you love, and realize that you’re lucky no matter what. Although the day is meant to celebrate romantic relationships, you can easily turn Valentine’s Day into a celebration of any friendship, or celebrate the thought that when no one else is there, you always have yourself.

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