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Data conference hosted on campus to promote innovation

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UALR will be hosting the International Conference on Information Quality at 5:30 p.m. in the Donaghey Engineering and Information Technology Building on Nov.7-8.

Before the actual conference, there will also be the Information and Data Quality Conference when will be held Nov. 4-7. The ICIQ will continue with a weekend conference on Nov.8-9.

“It’s to advance knowledge about information and data quality, said Dr. John Talburt, the Acxiom Chair of
Information Quality Information Science department. Talburt also said that the purpose of ICIQ is to bring awareness to the university about information and data quality.

The two topics will be on “BigData” and “Information Visualization”. The two speakers who will be speaking at this event are Dr. Scott Schumacher and Carolina Cruz-Neira.

Dr. Scott Schumacher is an initiate chief scientist working in Information management. He will be doing his presentation on Friday Nov. 8 over Entity Resolution and Data Quality Frameworks for Big Data.

Cruz-Neira will speak on Saturday Nov. 9.  She is the William Hansen Hall Board of Regents super Chair in Telecommunications. Cruz-Neira is also the co-inventor of the Computer Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE). Her topic will be on Data around Me: Immersive exploration to Turn Data into Information.

The Acxiom Corporation collaborated with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and launched the ICIQ in 1995. The MIT program is training program for students to develop the skill and knowledge on information and data quality. The ICIQ was held on the MIT campus until 2009.

Elizabeth Pierce, who works in the Information Science department, said that the  the IQ conference is about drawing people to come to the program. “It’s having visibility,” she said.  Pierce conducted research on information quality. Then, her and Talbert collaborated to start the first Information Quality Graduate program. In 2008, Pierce became the Department Chair.

The Information Quality Graduate program has three different degrees: Graduate Certificate on Information Quality, Master Science and IQ Track of Integrated Computing of Ph.D.  Since 2012, the program has had 70 Master Science graduates and 8 Ph.D. graduates.

Conference speakers must submit their proposals to the Conference Program Committee. From there, the committee reviews the proposals and chooses those who meet the

There are numerous sponsors such as Acxion Corporation, IBM Corporation, Target Stores, Black Oak Partners, etc. who will be attending this conference as well. The money that is collected  different sponsors will go to students of the Information Quality Graduate program.

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