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SplicedEgo set to display hip-hop fashion line at spring benefit show

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Courtesy of SplicedEgo

You do not have to go to a fashion capital to find cool, custom clothing. Shara Buford, a graduate student working on her Masters of Science in Management Information Systems, will introduce her new hip-hop fashion line Feb. 7 at the first Full Out Free Style Culture Fashion Show.

Buford is from Aurora, Colo., and has lived in Arkansas for seven years. Buford’s fashion company, SplicedEgo has been in operation for about a year. SplicedEgo specializes in custom clothing designs and photography.

Buford discovered her love for design while working at Sonic. She designed a jacket with the fast food chain’s drink menu written on the back using bubble paint and iron-on letters. Co-workers began asking her if she could make one for each of them, which sparked an idea for design and fashion.

“I started making my own shirts with the little bubble paint and iron-on letters, and everyone just really seemed to like it, so it kind of just went from there.” Buford said, “because I like having stuff no one else has.”

Buford began teaching herself how to sew year ago by watching videos on YouTube, and took a sewing class. “Its better for me to see, just see it, than someone telling me.” she said.

“Sewing is not easy” she said, and added that she is looking into fashion and design classes.

“There was one point, last year, when I had first started, where I had messed up like $70 worth of fabric, and I gave up for about six months … but I started trying again … and its working out now,” she said. Buford orders most of her fabrics from New York, and works with bright colors and bold prints that she says represents hip-hop.

She has developed T-shirt logos for friends and others who request designs. She says if she can make it, she will. She is also working on videography and photography to promote the company. SplicedEgo encourages people to post pictures of their fashion ideas to its Facebook page, at, for photo contests.

The idea behind SplicedEgo is to “live life through your own perception,” Buford said. She said the term spliced means to bring together by the joining of strands, and SplicedEgo joins together strands of individuality, self-empowerment and strength.

“If you like something, just wear it,” Buford said about the unique designs and ideas behind SplicedEgo.

SlicedEgo is geared toward hip-hop dancers with lo0se, big and sporty clothing along with bright colors to represent individualism.

The show marks the one-year anniversary of the SplicedEgo Facebook page.

“I got in contact with one of my friends a couple of months ago,” Buford said, “and she said, ‘Shara, what are you waiting on? You need to launch your clothing line.’ You know, I have had it on Facebook, but haven’t really let the public see everything … She said, ‘Why not have a fashion show?’ So we worked through a date.”

The Full Out Free Style Culture Fashion Show, in association with Royal Impressions Event Planners, will be hosted by R&B artist Dawun-Jaamal in Ledbetter rooms A, B and C.

Light refreshments will be provided. The show will have dance-themed entertainment.

Choreographer Rico Sergent of Shuffles & Ballet II will open the show with a hip-hop dance routine. Buford said she wants to get as many people on campus involved as possible, and will use some of the dance majors on campus in the dances and as models. There will also be a ballet performance and pop artist TJones will perform one of his hit songs.

Tickets for the show cost $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Tickets will be sold on begining Jan. 7, a month before the show. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Sungate Kids and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Buford said she wants to eventually open her own shop in Little Rock, but it is cheaper, for now, to sell online. The new SplicedEgo website will soon be operational. She also said she plans to talk to local dance retailers and schools about carrying her line.

SplicedEgo designs are on display at and on Twitter and Instagram @SplicedEgo. Inquiries can be sent to

Photo courtesy of SplicedEgo

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