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And it’s the international club with shut out win

Submitted by Margaret Rogers on November 7, 2014 – 1:42 pmNo Comment

At the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, the men’s intramural soccer league is in full-fledged action with playoffs right around the corner. The teams compete at the Coleman Sports and Recreation Complex and play on the same field the UALR soccer team plays on. On Oct. 28, the International Club and Kappa Sigma faced off to see who would be on top after it all was said and done. When the final buzzer went off, the International Club were the crowned victors with a shutout win three to zero.

Throughout the game, the forwards for the International Club gave the Kappa Sigma goalie a run for his money. Right from the beginning, shots were fired from all angles. The goal attempts from the International Club players either missed the goal, went over the goal, or the Kappa Sigma goalie prevented his opponent from increasing their lead. After three goal attempts and one that was blocked, the International Club were on the scoreboard with a score of one, while Kappa Sigma remained scoreless.

All of the players on the field for Kappa Sigma hustled hard to keep up with their seemingly dominating opponent, but the ball seemed to end up going the other way when the International Club defenders got a hold of it and kicked it to one of the midfielders. The game was a physical one, with members of each team at some point throughout the game lying on the pitch. When the players had a moment to take a little breather, the audience could see their breath out because of how chilly it was on that October night.

At halftime, the International Club led the game by two while Kappa Sigma still had zero. During the second half of the game, Kappa Sigma really played to win and they always got close to a scoring opportunity. Some of the players were able to take the ball away from an International Club player and headed towards the goal. But with all of their effort, they weren’t able to stop the International Club from scoring another goal that increased their lead to three. Players for Kappa Sigma weren’t able to score a goal, so at the end of the game the International Club won three to zero.

Kappa Sigma has a record of 2-2-2, meaning they have two wins, two losses, and two ties. They have 16 players on the team. They’re ranked third overall, scoring 1.33 points per game according to the IMleagues website. They are ranked fourth in points compared to the other teams in the league, with 1.67 points. The team captain for Kappa Sigma is Luis Cabanellas. In past games, Slater Corbin and Miguel Valderrama have been awarded  most valuable player for the team.

The International Club has a record of 2-3-1, meaning they have two wins, three losses, and one tie. They are ranked fourth overall in the league. They are ranked second overall with points per game, with 1.67 points. This team has 18 players, the maximum amount one team is allowed to have. Team captain for the International Club is Roko Miocic.

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