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Super Tuesday is an awesome news day for Trump and Clinton

Submitted by Scott Foster on March 2, 2016 – 12:39 pmNo Comment

Businessman and TV personality Donald Trump made significant progress toward securing the Republican Party nomination by winning seven states in the Super Tuesday primary elections on March 1.

According to the New York Times (for all initial election results and campaign information mentioned here), Trump narrowly defeated Texas Senator Ted Cruz in Arkansas with approximately 33% of the vote to Cruz’s 31%, with third place finisher Florida Senator Marco Rubio coming in at 25%. Cruz handily won his home state of Texas, the largest prize of Super Tuesday, along with the states of Oklahoma and Alaska. Rubio also picked up his first electoral victory on the day, defeating Cruz in the state of Minnesota by a count of 37% to 29%. The other two GOP candidates, Governor John Kasich of Ohio and noted neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, both finished with no victories, but so far have pledged to continue with their campaigns.
On the Democratic side, former Secretary of State and First Lady of both Arkansas and the U.S., Hillary Clinton, made quite a splash on Super Tuesday by also winning seven states. Clinton won Arkansas with ease, thoroughly trouncing the upstart campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont by garnering 66% of the vote to Sanders’ 30%. Sanders did win four states on the day, however, including Colorado, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and his home state of Vermont. Even though Sanders is well behind on both the pledged delegate and Super Delegate counts, his campaign has also committed to continue in the race. Sanders has noted that his “movement” is as much about bringing more awareness to the problems of Wall Street corruption and income inequality as it is winning the presidency, so his strategy and purposes are different than a normal campaign’s might be.
Dr. Joseph Giammo, head of the Political Science Department at UALR, spoke in an interview the day after Super Tuesday and weighed in on what the election results meant. He first acknowledged the victories of Hillary Clinton, stating that “she is firmly in the driver’s seat now” to win the Democratic Party nomination, while pointing out her mounting total delegate count and establishment support. Dr. Giammo also believed that Donald Trump earned the advantage in the Republican Party nomination struggle due to his solid performance on Super Tuesday. He mentioned that Trump’s frontrunner position may not be quite as secure as Clinton’s at this point, however, due to a large and seemingly more vocal minority within the Republican Party objecting to his risqué behavior and lack of political credentials. Giammo observed, “I don’t know that I have seen a party frontrunner in a primary election with such a large minority of their party holding a negative view of their candidacy.”
Until the next edition of The Forum’s election watch, keep listening to the arguments of all the candidates, because the main presidential debates and the general election in November will be here before you know it. Thanks to all who did their civic duty by voting in the primary elections and encouraging their friends and family to do the same!

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