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Spending your summer working may not seem like the greatest option, but four UALR students who interned on campus found the experience both fun and enriching.

Web work, photo shoots, historical research, community events, and graphic design are just some of the things UALR students got to do while interning at the Institute on Race and Ethnicity this summer. They explain what a taste of the “real world” was for like for them.

Their most memorable moment? 

Producing the Institute’s 2nd Anniversary Video

“We all were able to contribute unique skills to create a collaborative project that reflects the different perspectives of the Institute on Race and Ethnicity’s interns as one.” Trevor Collins, Sophomore, E-commerce major

“Working with the other interns (as well as the Institute’s other staff) was truly an enriching experience and taught me a lot about teamwork.” Liz Fox, Junior, English Literature major

“It was memorable because that was when I realized that no matter what, you have to communicate. Communication is key to healthy relationships, which are keys to being successful.” Tia Woods, Senior, Broadcast Journalism major

“The most memorable moment of my internship was when my picture was taken to be featured on the website for “Meet the Interns.” That was the first moment that really showed me that I was a significant person involved at the Institute on Race and Ethnicity.” LaMaya Coleman, Senior, Broadcast Journalism major

Interns at UALR Institute on Race and EthnicityWhat will you take away from your internship?

Lamaya: “Overall, I will take away nothing but valuable experience and knowledge of the impact that race and ethnicity has on my community and society.”

Tia: “Working at the institute has made me a stronger person. I have always lived by the saying ‘anything worth having is worth fighting for,’ and this internship has shown me that it should be applied in everything that you hope to accomplish.”

What has impacted you the most this summer?

Trevor: “Adjusting to how I spent my time; during the summer the opportunity for more free (wasted) time is available, but how you spend your time is what counts the most. So I tried to remain busy so that the adjustment in the fall would not be significant.”

Liz: “In addition to bringing back my design skills, my job at the Institute was one that I greatly cherished. As someone who has worked many part-time jobs over the last few years, this was among the most redeeming, which increased my morale and motivation tenfold. As a result of this internship, my work ethic is stronger than ever and I will take that with me when I pursue future endeavors.”

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