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7 Reasons Why Living on Campus is Awesome

UALR living on campus

Take it from us, living on campus is something you don’t want to miss. Here are 7 reasons why it’s so awesome.

Ahhhh, college! They touted the experience to you for so long – the gateway to the rest of your life! This is where you officially begin adulthood. Take it from us, living on campus (aka dorm life) is something you don’t want to miss, because the University of Arkansas at Little Rock will SET YOU UP for living successfully. No other time in your life will provide you with access to so many different people, places, and experiences than an institution of higher learning.

UALR has four on-campus residential halls – West Hall, East Hall, Commons Apartments – North Hall and Commons Apartments – South Hall. University Village is also on campus, with 2 and 4 bedroom apartment-styled housing available.

UALR housing West Hall

Still need convincing? We understand. Here are 7 reasons why dorm life is so awesome:

1. Insta-friends

Roomie. Housemate. BFF. When you live on campus, you live with your friends. Even if you don’t room together, you’re under the same roof. It’s like a constant slumber party, ONLY BETTER, because you don’t have to sleep on the floor. Living on campus is also a great way to make new friends. If you don’t have a roommate preference, UALR will be happy to help you pick one. Your RA is also a great resource – the university has employed them as the expert and mentor for all things college and dorm life.

UALR housing


2. On campus access to EVERYTHING

Who cares about the rising price of gas?! All the cool activities are only minutes away and within walking distance. Student Center? Check. Fitness Center? Check. Chancellor’s Late Night Pancake Breakfast during finals week? There’s no fear they might run out before you plant yourself in line – you’re practically already there.

3. Your own space (Home away from home)

This is not some small space under your parents’ roof or Aunt Molly’s (whose house always smelled strangely like wet dog…even though there was no dog). This is your space. It’s important to make it “yours” because this will be where you go to study, sleep, and relax. The University of Arkansas at Little Rock shows that students who live on campus have a higher rate of success academically. Just by living on campus, you will be working smarter and not harder.

UALR Housing

Flat-screen. Fireplace. Comfy couches. UALR Housing has it all.

4. UALR Dining at your fingertips

Several different meal plan options are available to UALR students. You can visit the Diamond Café or Food Court in the Donaghey Student Center, Sub Connection in the EIT building, and Business Brewing in the business building. There are plenty of tasty meal and snack options for fueling that study party at Ottenheimer Library or the night out in downtown Little Rock.

UALR Trojan Grill

5. Closer to classes (Easy Access)

Let’s be honest, some days you’ll be lucky if you remember to run a brush through your hair. You had a late night, ahem, studying (What? You were!) or seriously stayed up all night to finish that history project. It will be just barely enough time to grab a clean T-shirt, throw on some deodorant, and grab a cereal bar on your way out the door. But guess what? No car trouble. No traffic to fight on Cantrell, University, or any of the interstates. You live practically right next door!

6. No extra utility bills

Someday (or sooner if you were choosing to live in an apartment) you’ll be responsible for water, cable, Internet, and electricity bills; and each one will be from separate companies that you’ll have to fight…oops, we mean, talk to. But at UALR, each of the 4 halls and University Village are equipped with cable connections, Internet access, and of course, running water and electricity. (You can go down the street and visit the Territorial Restoration for an example of what no running water and no electricity look like. Go here for more activities to do in Little Rock). You are only responsible for paying housing at the beginning of the semester. This is part of what we mean when we say college sets you up – you don’t have to worry every month about any of it. IT IS THE BEST.

7. Memories

Cue Miley and We Can’t Stop! (Ok, we’ll stop). But as cheesy as it sounds, these four years at UALR will be the one time in your life when you will be around people who are all in the same boat as you are, having the same experience. Some of the best memories (and best friends!) and life lessons will be because of the shared occurrence called dorm life. Make it count!


Have some delightful decor? Share your space with us! Post a pic at UALR’s Facebook page, or Instagram it with #UALR. Learn more about UALR housing here.


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