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6 College Perks Non-Traditional Students May Not Know About

College perks

Going back to school and feeling nervous? No worries! Here are some things that may address those jitters.

Perks. Who doesn’t love them? The word itself commands your attention – (which is a very helpful app) defines the word as ‘making someone more cheerful, lively or interesting’ and ‘being an advantage or a benefit following from a job or situation.’

When you go back to school as a UALR non-traditional student, you might have some concerns.

nail biting

No worries! As a student, there are several things you have access to that may address some of your worries. Here are several perks the University of Arkansas at Little Rock offers that will ease your mind, making you the first definition of ‘perk’ while giving you those ‘advantages or benefits.’

1. Health Services

sickWorried about what happens if you get sick without the benefits of that full-time job? UALR has health services available to all students, staffed with board-certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurses, Registered Nurses, and a Consulting Physician. They are open Monday – Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Health Services takes care of your basic health needs, and, the best part is that all office visits are already covered by the student health fee here are additional charges for some labs and vaccines). It also educates on disease prevention and community health. 

2. Fitness Center


The Fitness Center located in the Donaghey Student Center is a state of the art facility offering a full range of equipment, fitness classes and activities. You already pay a fitness center fee in your tuition, so you may as well take advantage of it. You can rent sporting and camping equipment as well as backpacking, basketball, and football gear all for free.

And don’t forget the Olympic-sized pool!


3. Career Services for the College of Business

tieIf you are enrolled in the College of Business at UALR, Career Services is a valuable resource for job listings, job searches, and career advice available to you. Counselors are on hand specifically to help college students find a good fit in the professional world based on personal knowledge they have of you, such as your personality, interests, and your preferences.




4. Counseling Center

depressionSometimes the stress of merging school and life can get to you. Did you know that UALR has a counseling center right here on campus? The UALR Counseling Center is there for you to use if you need to talk to a clinically trained mental health professional. Like any mental health service, anything you say is held in the strictest confidence. Read the Counseling Center’s mission and policies here.


5. Sporting Events

UALR Baseball

Students get in free to the UALR Trojan games. After hitting the books all day, an evening basketball game or an afternoon baseball game are great family-friendly activities. Grab your maroon and cheer on the Trojans!





6. Student Discounts

moneyMany businesses in the area will give discounted rates just for being a student. Check to see if there are student discounts at movie theaters, food chains, etc.  Even banks will sometimes offer perks to college students, like opening a checking account for free. Make sure you have your student ID when asking for discounts as many businesses require proof before offering a deal.


What are some other student perks you’ve discovered as a student? Let us know at the UALR Facebook page or tweet at us!

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