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Classified Employee Handbook

Job Titles and Compensation

As a UALR classified employee, you are working in a position that is assigned to a class of positions which has similar duties and responsibilities. Your position has been assigned a grade level with a pay range which has an entry salary rate, a mid-level salary rate and a maximum salary rate. There are 26 grades in the pay plan, and each grade has 4 pay levels. Positions are assigned to classifications and grade levels by the Office of Personnel Management, Department of Finance and Administration.

Salaries of new employees are not less than Level 1 of the assigned grade. They are also no more than Level 1 of the grade unless: 1) a special entry rate is asked for and approved by the Office of Personnel Management; 2) in certain cases where an employee is transferring to UALR from a state agency or another state-supported college/university; 3) a former state employee is hired who is eligible for his/her exiting salary if it is more than Pay Level I; or 4) a special entry rate based on labor market has been approved by the chief fiscal officer of the state.


Last revision 11/1995

Updated 10.26.2011