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Classified Employee Handbook


Duties of Senators

Elected senators should attend an orientation covering the responsibilities of the position. As an elected representative from their respective area, each senator has a responsibility to take an active part in each meeting and to communicate to those whom the represent. Each senator shall discharge the responsibilities as specified in the Constitution of the University Assembly when serving on committees, as a representative at any function where Staff Senate is involved.

Duties of the Staff Senate President

The president will preside at each Staff Senate meeting, other functions of the Staff Senate as required, executive committee meetings, and as specified elsewhere in the Constitution. The president will call meetings of the executive committee on a regular basis to prepare meeting agendas and to plan and prepare for the smooth operation of responsibilities of each office and the Staff Senate. The president shall attend the first meeting of each committee and at any other meeting as requested by the committee. The president shall meet with the president of the Faculty Senate at least once per academic year. The president will stay abreast of concerns and issues and bring to the attention of the Staff Senate through the appointment of committees or other methods deemed appropriate by the executive committee. The president and the executive committee as members of the Committee on Committee shall attend the first meeting and establish membership for those committees where Staff Senate has representation. The president shall seek advice from past presidents to bring continuity to this office.

Duties of the Staff Senate Vice President

The vice president will preside in the absence of the president. The vice president shall preside over meetings as designated by the president or in the absence of the president. The vice president shall chair specified committees and assist the president as requested. The vice president will be responsible for fulfilling the duties as specified in the Constitution.

Updated 11.9.2011