Living Learning Communities

What are they?

In a nutshell, living learning communities (LLCs) connect classroom learning with a residential experience.  These communities encourage partnerships between faculty and students, provide programs and activities specifically designed for each community, and create a support system that builds a strong foundation for student success.

Freshmen Interest Groups (FIGs) also link students with faculty members, but without the shared class. These groups are not major specific and offer more flexibility for those students who can’t take a common course together but still wish to having meaningful interactions outside the classroom.

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Why join an LLC or FIG?

Studies show that students in LLCs/FIGs develop friendships, attend programs, and become more engaged in the campus environment than non-LLC/FIG members. This increased participation and network of support leads to higher grades and more satisfaction with the general college experience.  So, read on to see which LLC/FIG might be right for you.


To support student success through academic engagement, faculty interaction, and social development through intentional programming and learning experiences in on-campus living.


  • To increase retention of students from first-year to graduation
  • To facilitate faculty-student engagement in meaningful academic activities outside the classroom
  • To culture life skill development from first-year to graduation
  • To cultivate civic responsibility in students living on-campus

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