Tuition and Fees

Tuition and student fee information is listed on UALR Tuition and fees website. UALR International Students are “Non-Resident” status.

Per-hour tuition rates for Fall 2013 – Spring 2014
Rates are subject to change

Undergraduate $520.00 – $540.00
Graduate $620.00
Law $805.15

Course Fees

Application Fee $40.00
General fee (per hour) $17.00
International Student Fee (per semester) $150.00
International Student Insurance Fee (per semester) $635.00
Athletic Fee (per hour) $16.10
Distance Education Tech Fee (per hour) $25.00
College Technology Fee (per SSCH) $16.25
College of AHSS (per hour) $8.10
College of Business (per hour) $8.10
College of Education (per hour) $8.10
College of Engineering & Info Tech (per hour) $11.90
College of Professional Studies (per hour) $8.10
College of Science (per hour) $12.30
Health Services Fee (per hour) $2.00
Technology Infrastructure Fee (per hour) $2.75
Facilities Fee (per hour) $6.00

Visit the UALR cost estimator for a quick calculation. The international student fee and international student insurance fee are not included in this estimator, so add those to your estimated cost for a closer approximation.

Tuition refunds are based solely on the date of withdrawal, regardless of whether students attend any class(es). In the case of non-payment, the student will be declared delinquent subject to the penalties imposed by UALR for financial delinquency. Questions concerning tuition and fee payment and/or refunds should be directed to the Student Accounts Office in Administration North Room 204, 501.569.3450. For detailed information on the refund policy please visit Bursar’s Office website.

International Student Insurance:
All international students who study at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock are required to have year-round health and accident insurance throughout the duration of their studies that will cost roughly $620.50 every six months.