Argos Users to Begin Using NetID instead of Username

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  Your Username will be replaced with your NetID during the day on Thursday, July 2.  If you try to log in with your Username and do not have success, then you should log in with your NetID and password.  All users will be changed on July 2.    If you have any problems, please contact Trina Thrapp at

If you do not know your NetID or your password, you can log into BOSS to check and/or change your password following the steps below:

Log into BOSS
Select the section or tab for “Personal Information”
Select “View Usernames or Change Passwords on UALR Computing Systems”
You will see the list of all of your Usernames for campus systems.
Under the 2nd column of “System,” look for “NetID”
The associated value under column “Username” will be your NetID

If you do not know your password or would like to change your password, continue with the following steps:

Select the box at the end of the “NetID” row under “Change Password”
Under the list of accounts, type in your new password in the boxes labeled “New Password” and “Confirm Password.”
Select the button “Change Passwords on Selected Systems” to save your changes.

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