Building Use Policy

Use of Law School Facilities

  1. Faculty and Staff
    1. A member of the faculty shall be free to invite outside speakers to participate in any class, conference, or institute which is a part of the Law School educational program.
    2. Faculty and staff may reserve rooms for Law School purposes.
  2. Student Organizations
    1. Any recognized or registered Law School student organization may use Law School facilities for open or closed meetings or performances subject only to Law School scheduling regulations.
    2. If an off-campus speaker or performer is to be invited to address an open meeting of a recognized student organization, the faculty advisor must give his or her approval before an invitation is extended and publicity is released.
  3. Policy on Use of Law School Building for University Related Activities
    1. The Board of Trustees, President, UALR Chancellor, UALR Provost, or any member of the Law School Faculty may use any room in the Law School Building not required for classes or other regular Law School activities. However, this provision shall not be construed to allow non-Law School classes to be held in the Law School. Such usage shall be governed by the following paragraphs.
    2. Upon written request by the instructor, a non-Law School UALR class may be held at the Law School under the following circumstances when such class does not interfere with any Law School class or the regular activities of the Law School:
      1. On a one-time-only basis with the permission of the Dean;
      2. Upon the request of the Provost;
      3. When such class requires frequent and continuing access to the Law Library; or when Law School faculty are involved in the actual instruction of the course; or when the course would otherwise be taught off campus; or for some other articulated reason it is reasonable to meet in the Law School.
    3. A course which has been taught previously on the main UALR campus without needing use of the Law Library shall presumptively not meet the criteria above.
    4. Other units of UALR may use the Friday Courtroom with the permission of the Dean when there are no classes or other Law School functions planned for the courtroom and when it is not otherwise reserved.
    5. No class or other UALR function shall be held in the Law School during a time the Law Library is not open.
    6. The Dean may delegate the authority granted by these rules to an Associate or Assistant Dean.
  4. Policy for Use of Friday Courtroom by Non-University Groups
    1. Only UALR groups and entities may reserve classrooms, including the Friday Courtroom, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during the fall and spring semesters. No groups will be permitted to hold events at the Law School during reading periods or during final exam periods. The Dean may allow non-University groups to use the Friday Courtroom under these policies.
    2. During the fall and spring semesters, non-University groups may reserve the Friday Courtroom on Fridays provided that attendance will be no more than 50. If attendance is anticipated to be greater than 50, an outside group may only use Law School facilities on the weekends.
    3. Only law related groups may use the Friday Courtroom. “Law related” means a group whose membership is comprised substantially (at least 75%) of attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, law librarians, law students, or court employees.
    4. Such groups may use the Friday Courtroom, with the permission of the Dean, when there are no classes or other Law School functions planned for the courtroom and when it is not otherwise reserved.
    5.  Such groups may use the Friday Courtroom only during times the Law Library is open.
    6. Outside groups are required to pay the following fees:
      1. Basic room charge of $75 per room for a half day or $150 for a whole day:
      2. If food is served, an additional charge of $100;
      3. If UALR’s electronic equipment is used an additional charge of $50.
    7. The fees must be paid in order for the room to be held.
    8. Any group planning to use the technology must schedule a time to meet with Computing Services prior to the scheduled event. Computing Services is not available on the weekends.
    9. Any catering/food supplied for any meeting must be purchased through and provided by the UALR food services provider (currently Sodexo). Under certain circumstances, groups may request a waiver of this provision. Groups must contact the food service provider for such waiver and shall, if requested, provide proof of same.
    10.  Other areas in the Law School building will generally not be available for use by non-University non-law-related groups. Exceptions to this may be granted by the Dean. Additionally, non-University groups are encouraged to tour the Law School and Law Library, and facilities in the building may be utilized to effectuate such tours and information regarding the building.
    11. The Dean may delegate the authority granted by these rules to an Associate or Assistant Dean.
  5. Use of Jury Rooms for Depositions and Attorney Conferences
    1. Unless required by a Law School class or other commitment, attorneys may reserve the jury rooms adjacent to the Friday and Mitchell courtrooms for depositions or conferences.
    2. The rooms shall be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis. The fee for use of the rooms shall be $25 for each day or part thereof. The fee is not refundable and shall be paid at the time the room is reserved.
    3. Depositions and conferences may be held only during the hours the Law Library is open.
  6. Publicity and Communications
    1. Publicity and communications concerning any meeting shall clearly identify the sponsoring organization and shall carefully avoid any stated or implied University or Law School sponsorship.
    2. An invitation to a speaker or the reservation of a facility room for a group or organization does not necessarily imply approval or disapproval of the speaker or his views by either the University or the Law School. Speakers may be invited to the campus to discuss political issues.
  7. Law School Scheduling Regulations
    1. The office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for scheduling rooms and/facilities for all activities within the Law School other than regular classes. This includes make-up classes, activities sponsored by faculty, faculty committee meetings, activities sponsored by student organizations, and activities sponsored by non-University groups.
    2. The Law Library is responsible for scheduling rooms and facilities within the Law Library.
    3. Any conflict in scheduling of rooms shall be handled as follows:
      1. regularly scheduled classes will always take precedence over any other scheduled activity.
      2. a scheduled activity noted on the registration record of the Assistant Dean will have priority over an activity which has not been scheduled through the office of the Assistant Dean.
    4. Any special equipment needs in conjunction with the scheduled room must be arranged with Computing Services in advance. Computing Services is not available on the weekends.
    5. Please refer to the section on Use of Law School Facilities for compliance with University rules and regulations.
  8. Procedures For Scheduling Activities
    1. The Associate Dean of the Law School schedules all classes. Any faculty or adjunct faculty desiring to change a room assignment for a semester must see the Associate Dean. Likewise, the Associate Dean schedules final examinations. Any faculty or adjunct faculty desiring to change a room for a final examination must see the Associate Dean.
    2. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for scheduling rooms for all other purposes, including make-up classes.
    3. When reserving a room through the Assistant Dean, have the following information available:
      1. Date and time (including beginning and ending time) that you will need the room.
      2. How many people you will need to seat.
      3. The purpose of the room reservation.
      4. If a student group, the name of the faculty sponsor of the group.
      5. A telephone number or email address where you can be reached if a problem arises.
    4. Reservations will be date/time stamped. In the event of a scheduling conflict, all regularly scheduled classes have priority. Otherwise, the first person making the reservation has priority. Rooms reserved for activities other than classes and make-up classes must be noted on the Master Calendar of Activities. See section II(B)(4)(f) for entering events on the Master Calendar.
    5. Non-University groups may reserve Law School facilities up to six (6) months in advance of an activity, but no more than six (6) months.
  9. Building Hours/Procedure After Hours
    1. Generally, the Law Library, the main halls of the Law School, the Student Lounge, and the Student Mailroom/Locker area are open from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am. to 5:00 pm. on Saturday, and from 1:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. on Sunday. Hours of operation for both the Law Library and the Law School will vary during breaks between semesters and over holidays. Hours are posted in the Library and the Law School during such periods.
    2. Generally, offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. On Mondays, administrative offices are open until 5:45 p.m. Due to a shortage of staff, most offices are closed during the lunch hour (12:00-1:00 p.m.). Office personnel can be contacted for special arrangements for after hours needs.
    3. Generally, classrooms are open from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm. Monday through Friday. Students are encouraged to study in the library or designated areas (the Student Lounge, the Stern Gallery outside the first floor of the library, and the Deans Gallery on the second floor) for security purposes.
    4. After 7:00 a.m. and before 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, any person may use any entrance into the building. Before 7:00 a.m., after 6:00 p.m., and on weekends, ALL persons entering the building must do so through the north entrance (near the Public Safety Booth).
    5. Persons are allowed in the building for legitimate purposes of working, studying (registered students only), or using the Law Library.
    6. All persons with office keys are responsible for locking their own offices. All persons leaving the building after 11:00 pm. are responsible for seeing that the outside door locks securely behind them. Anyone opening a common area after hours (vending, lounge, etc.) is responsible for re-locking that area upon his or her exit.


  1. Parking
    1. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to park within the fenced area of the Law School.
    2. Persons who wish to be escorted to their vehicles within the fenced parking lot after dark should contact Public Safety at 501.324.9933.
    3. Four (4) emergency telephones identified by blue lights are located within the parking areas: one in the north parking lot in the northeast corner; one in the north parking lot on the chiller building; one behind the building on the east side; and one in the south parking lot. These blue light telephones are connected directly to the Department of Public Safety. Please use a blue light telephone if you encounter any emergency or threatening situation within the parking area.
  2. Housekeeping Rules and Regulations
    1.  It is the intent of this policy to preserve, inasmuch as possible accounting for reasonable usage, the newness and quality decor of the new building. Specific rules are generated with this goal in mind.
    3. Alterations or modifications of property owned or leased by the University are not permitted unless specific permission is obtained in writing through the Dean. This means: NO PAINTING, NAILING, TAPING, PUTTING UP BULLETIN BOARDS, ETC. You may hang things yourself in individual offices. However, prior to hanging items, please contact Facilities at 501.324.9900. The interior of the building has wiring, pipes, etc. running through the walls.  Drilling or driving a nail into wires or pipes can create a DANGER to you. NOTHING may be hung on doors or door frames whether interior or exterior.
    4. Campus signs and posters. Signs include billboards, decals, notices, placards, posters, and banners. Posting is any means used for displaying a sign. The Law School campus is open to posting of signs by the University community and non-University groups or individuals within the following restrictions:
      1. Items of general interest may be posted on bulletin boards found in the Vending/Student Kitchen area on the second floor of the Law School building.
      2.  Student organizations desiring separate posting space should see the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.
      3. Indoor glassed bulletin boards are normally restricted for the use of the Law School. If you wish to post anything on such a bulletin board, see the unit that maintains the board for approval. (Examples: see the Office of Admissions and Records concerning the Admissions Board; Legal Clinic concerning the Clinic Board, the Assistant Dean concerning the Career Services Board, etc.)
      4. All posted materials should be dated.
      5. Signs should be removed by the person who placed them no later than 48 hours after the event publicized or no later than two (2) months after posting if the sign is not about an event. If not removed, Facilities personnel will remove them and throw them away.
      6. All events must be placed on the Law School Master Calendar. Prior to posting and advertising the event, you must reserve the room for your event with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs or her designee. Once your event has been scheduled, please use this form to submit items to the Law School Master Calendar:
      7. All signs must contain the name of the individual or group sponsoring the event. Failure to do so will result in the sign being taken down.
      9. Signs, notices, etc. may be placed on glass within door frames if such sign or notice is posted using an approved sign holder. See the Assistant Dean’s office for the approved sign holder.
      10. The Assistant Dean/designee, UALR Department of Public Safety Officers, Facilities personnel and administrators may remove signs, posters, etc. on Law School property that are in violation of these sign and poster regulations.
      11. Violations of these regulations may result in future denial of posting privileges for a designated period of time.
    5. Faculty, staff and students are not allowed on the roof of the building at any time (with the exceptions of the outside lounge area adjacent to the student lounge and the outside lounge area adjacent to the Coyne Dean’s Gallery).
  3. Food and Beverages
    1. Any groups, whether UALR or outside groups, must use the University food service provider, currently Sodexo, for food service for any events held at the law school. Under certain circumstances, groups may obtain a waiver to this requirement from the food service provider. If requested, the group must provide evidence of such waiver.
    2. Any organization sponsoring an event where food will be served or consumed must reserve a room through the Assistant Dean and must designate that the event includes food. The organization will be responsible for “bussing” the room after the event. The organization will also be responsible for any costs associated with cleaning carpets or walls as a result of food/beverage spillage.
  4. No Smoking Policy
    1. Pursuant to University Policy, smoking is not permitted anywhere on University property.
  5. Lost and Found
    1. All items found should be turned in to the Circulation Desk of the Law Library. Any items turned in to offices, faculty, Facilities, etc. should be taken immediately to the Circulation Desk. Inquiries concerning lost items should be directed to the Circulation Desk.
    2. The Circulation Desk will not be responsible for any items left more than 30 days.
  6. Bicycle Policy
    1. Bicycles should be placed in the rack provided for them.
    2. Bicycles should be locked to the rack for safety; the Law School will not be responsible for bicycles.
    3. Bicycles may not be ridden on the lawn itself; they may only be ridden in the parking lot to the extent necessary to get to the bicycle rack.
    4. Bicycles may not be stored in the Law School building.
  7.  Animal Policy
    1. Animals are prohibited in classrooms, offices, or any building unless they are service animals.
  8. Keys – Procedures for Acquiring a Key
    1. Obtain a key authorization card.
    2. Keys will be issued on the basis of one key to one authorization card only.
    3. Individuals requesting Building Master keys MUST have signatures from the Dean and the requesting department’s Vice Chancellor.
    4. Submit completed key authorization forms to the office of the Budget Director.
    5. Each individual must personally pick up and sign for his or her key(s).
    6. All keys issued on key authorization cards MUST be returned to the office of the Budget Director before the key holder can be cleared from the Campus records.
    7. LOST KEYS SHOULD BE REPORTED IMMEDLATELY to the office of the Budget Director.
    8. Keys are issued to students for student offices and activities by the office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs. These keys must be returned to the same office. Students must return all Law School keys prior to graduation or, in accordance with University policy, they will not be certified to graduate. Keys to outside doors of the building are not issued to students.
  9. Inventory
    1. The Office of the Budget Director is responsible for inventory. If you would like to trade furnishings or equipment with another office (or give something outright to another person), you must report this to Budget Director so that the room location can be changed on the inventory. Auditors from the Legislative Audit Committee visit the Law School twice each year specifically to check inventory and location of inventory. It is very important that each person keep up with what is assigned to him/her.
    2. Furnishings and equipment are NEVER to be thrown away or given away. The University follows a strict procedure for removing property from inventory. If something is damaged beyond repair, report it to the Budget Director’s office.
    3. Inventory marked with a University sticker is not to be taken off the premises of the Law School. In certain rare cases this rule may be waived by the Assistant Dean. Of course, there are University forms to complete when such a waiver is granted.
  10. Lockers
    1. The Student Bar Association is responsible for renting lockers in the Student Locker Room. Only registered students are eligible to rent these lockers.
  11. Address and Communications
    1. All students are required to maintain a correct residence address, mailing address, and telephone number with the Office of Admissions and Records. A change of address or telephone number should also be reported to that office.
    2. Student mail slots are located on the first floor in the Locker Room. The purpose of the mail slots is to provide a means whereby students, faculty and staff can exchange information with students. Students are discouraged from having personal mail delivered to the Law School building; these mail slots will not be used for mail with U.S. postal markings on them. The Law School will not be responsible for loss of mail. Student organizations may also receive mail in the Locker Room on the first floor.
  12. Outside Salespersons and Solicitors or Solicitation and Fund Raising
    1. The buildings and the grounds owned by the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas exist for, and are exclusively devoted to the use for, the conduct of an organized and approved University program of higher education. As such, they are committed to being used for nonprofit, tax-exempt use of the official program of the University. Therefore, private business activities including person-to-person solicitation for profit are not permitted on University premises. However, in certain limited areas, the University contracts with private firms to provide needed on-campus services for the convenience of students, faculty, and staff when the services contribute to the accomplishment of the University’s educational purposes.
    2. Apart from prohibiting profit-making commercial business activities, the University also regulates, within limits, and consistent with the above policy, any use of its buildings and grounds for solicitation, including fund-raising activities. Fund-raising activities must not violate state law by including a drawing, raffle, lottery, game of chance, or any scheme for distribution of prizes among persons who are paying for a chance to obtain a prize.
    3. Inquiries relating to any of these policies should be directed to the Dean.
  13. Distribution of Printed Material
  14. Distribution of printed materials (newspapers, handbills, pamphlets, literature, etc.) is permitted on campus as long as there is no interference with the normal operation of the Law School; however, it is restricted as follows:
    1. Nonmembers of the University community may not make use of Law School buildings or grounds for any distribution purposes, unless cleared in advance by the Dean.
    2. In no case may any distribution include materials which are libelous, obscene, or violate federal, state, and local laws. Individuals distributing printed material deemed contrary to federal, state, and local laws do so on their own responsibility and will subject themselves to arrest and prosecution by the public authorities, and in addition a student will subject himself/herself to disciplinary action.
    3. Printed materials must have the name of the individual or group clearly indicated on the material.
    4. Individuals from off campus desiring to sell newspapers shall contact the Dean or the Dean’s designee for information and general policies.
    5. The distribution of printed materials must not disrupt classes, University business, the flow of faculty, staff, or student traffic, or interfere with the rights of others.
    6. Printed matter may be sold on campus only in the Bookstore or in areas cleared in advance with the Dean.
  15. The campus is open for the distribution of printed material Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.