1. Introduction
  2. Selection Criteria

    Free Internet resources can provide unique content and enhance traditional resources in a research library. Internet resources will be considered for addition to the Ottenheimer Library web page after evaluation by the library’s subject selectors, reference librarians, and the collection development librarian.

    The following guidelines will assist selectors with identifying appropriate Internet resources. Selected resources do not have to meet all of the criteria listed.

    • Quality
      The library selects free resources that:

      • Add depth and breadth to the existing collection.
      • Offer accurate, current, and continuously updated information.
      • Present unbiased information.
      • Identify a credible source for the information.
      • Exclude product advertisement or promotion.
    • User-Friendliness
      The library prefers free resources that:

      • Provide information that is easy to understand.
      • Present visually appealing layouts that are logical to use.
      • Present well-organized content that is easy to load.
      • Provide free or inexpensive supplemental software.
    • Maintenance and Access
      The library prefers free resources that:

      • Update content regularly.
      • Offer ADA accessible information.
      • Outline registration requirements and subscription fees.
    • Local Orientation
      The library will consider resources that:

      • Provide information on Arkansas with special emphasis on the Central Arkansas area.
      • Provide information on surrounding areas that relate to Arkansas.
    • Weeding
      The library will remove links to resources that:

      • Are no longer available.
      • Advertise or endorse products and organizations.

Created December 2012