Library Action Plan (2011-2012)

In the Ottenheimer Library’s Vision Statement we commit ourselves to three areas of excellence.  Working from these general areas, we have articulated the following more targeted strategic actions for 2009 – 2012.

Build and maintain collections that support faculty and students in their teaching, learning, and research.  (Ottenheimer Library Vision Number 1)

  1. Implement the Association for Research Libraries Collection Analysis Project (CAP).

Action Items

  1. Clarify Acquisitions and Collection Development roles and responsibilities and update job descriptions.
  2. Update collection development policy
  3. Create guidelines and provide information and training for subject selectors, establishing a regular meeting schedule.
  4. Streamline procedures for the selection, acquisition, and maintenance of materials in all formats.
  5. Learn about and optimize the use of statistics available from vendors.
  6. Review the budget allocation planning process and fund allocation procedures.
  7. Inventory the Library’s collections.
  8. Investigate patron-driven acquisitions.

Create a state-of-the-art library facility to enhance academic teaching, learning and research at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  (Ottenheimer Library Vision Number 4)

  1. Update Disaster Manual.
    • Review UALR Disaster Manual
    • Review other Library Disaster Manuals
    • Work with Facilities Management on current emergency exit routes
  2. Create an inviting, comfortable, and modern environment conducive to study, research, and the exploration of new technology.
    • Review furniture needs
    • Request current furniture quotes
    • Request funding for comfortable furniture and study table chairs

Develop and maintain a state-of-the-art online environment and infrastructure to deliver library resources and services to the university community. (Ottenheimer Library Vision Number 1)

  1. Investigate emerging library technologies and technology trends
    • Identify technologies applicable to the library.
    • Promote the awareness of library technology trends with library faculty/staff.
  2. Create a technology plan for Ottenheimer Library
    • Review background and current resources/infrastructure of library and campus.
    • Conduct library technology needs assessment.
    • Identify technology vision, goals and objectives.
    • Finalize plan and deliver to Dean.
  3. Evaluate and recommend improvements for library user interfaces.
    • Coordinate ongoing review and updating of website content.
    • Analyze user input though usability testing and Google Analytics data.
    • Include additional instructional and marketing content on the website.
    • Enhance the databases section to permit clearer description and user instruction.
    • Develop page ownership structure and policies/procedures for Web content development and maintenance.
    • Review and redeploy the mobile website within the WordPress environment.
    • Maximize Summon search functionality on the website.
    • Investigate the addition of other collections to One Search results.
    • Review/update database customization and branding.
    • Revise 360 Link resolver screens based on recommendations.
    • Review/update catalog interface via Innovative’s OPAC refresher.
  4. Coordinate the use of technology in the promotion of library services and resources
    • Maximize the use of Adobe® InDesign® to create electronic news announcements and enhance marketing outreach capabilities.
    • Coordinate placement and posting of library news, announcements, and other promotional information on the library’s website, flat screens, Facebook, Twitter and other campus outlets.
    • Pursue implementing recommendations made regarding branding guidelines.
    • Work with a variety of University constituencies to market the Library’s activities, resources and services.