Library Action Plan (2012-2013)

In the Ottenheimer Library’s Vision Statement we commit ourselves to three areas of excellence.  Working from these general areas, we have articulated the following more targeted strategic actions for 2012 – 2013.

1. Collections

Build and maintain collections that support faculty and students in their teaching, learning, and research.  (Ottenheimer Library Vision Number 1)

Action Items

1. Continue to create and update guidelines for building and maintaining the collection.

2. Create/Develop guidelines and provide training for subject selectors.

3. Streamline procedures for the selection, acquisition, and maintenance of materials in all formats.

4. Continue to review and revise the use of statistics for the library’s collection.

5. Review processes for budget allocation planning and fund allocation.


2. Facilities 

Create a state-of the art library facility to enhance academic teaching, learning and research at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  (Ottenheimer Library Vision Number 4)

Action Items

1. Update library signage.

2. Create an inviting, comfortable, and modern environment conducive to study, research, and the exploration of new technology.

3. Determine building needs.


3. Technology

Develop and maintain a state-of –the-art online environment and infrastructure to deliver library resources and services to the university community. (Ottenheimer Library Vision Number 1)

Action Items

1. Investigate library use of e-readers, tablets and other devices.

2. Implement improved visual catalog directional assistance.

3. Improve existing discovery system and investigate alternatives.

4. Review and update the library’s website and mobile interfaces.

5. Increase library presence within the campus course management system.