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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

Required Courses

Introduction to Liberal Studies (LIST 7310)

In this course students refine their ability to read and think critically, to understand and make effective arguments, to understand and practice research techniques, and to communicate effectively in writing. Students study interdisciplinary processes and formulate an interdisciplinary research project.  A sampling of major texts from various disciplines are considered from an interdisciplinary perspective. The course is only offered in the fall and must be taken in the first fall semester following admission into the program.

Liberal Studies Colloquium (LIST 7390)

The prerequisite to this course is the completion of Introduction to Liberal Studies and at least 9 graduate hours. Students participate in an active interdisciplinary dialogue by presenting an interdisciplinary research paper or project on a selected class topic (such as ‘memory’ or ‘sex and society’). Students also benefit from lectures and discussion with guest lecturers on the class topic. Through this course students sharpen their ability to communicate effectively across disciplines by sharing data, research methods, and writing techniques with each other. This course is offered each spring semester.

Liberal Studies Thesis/Final Project (LIST 8310, LIST 8320)

These are the two thesis or final project courses. In them, the student completes the thesis or project. These classes are run much like an independent study in that the thesis chair and student determine what the content of the course will be. The student and faculty person will establish in writing the criteria for receiving credit for this course. A schedule for thesis/project progress and completion is also established.

A thesis is a scholarly research paper that attempts to add knowledge to the disciplines that the student has studied during his/her program. A project is a work of some sort which integrates both of the student’s disciplines into a unique form (creative text, performance, or other form). See samples of thesis/final projects from MALS Graduates.

Updated 2.20.2009