Bulk Mail Procedures

Instructions for Bulk Mail Preparation

If you are thinking of sending out a bulk mail please be cognizant that the rules and regulations change frequently. It is a good idea to ALWAYS bring a true example to Mail Services to be assessed by our staff before you proceed with having a large quantity printed. If the mail piece is out of USPS specifications it will not receive the bulk mail discounted postage rate.

The following guidelines will assist you with your bulk mail preparation:

  1. A minimum of 200 identical pieces is required to receive a bulk mail discount. Size, design, and weight must also be identical.
  2. Bulk mails cannot have any personal handwritten correspondence.
  3. Ancillary required of either: Return Service Requested or Address Service Requested must be on the mail piece in the proper location. See example below for the proper locations.
    • Return Service Requested is for wrong addresses. It brings the mail piece back to you with a yellow sticker that has the correct address. You would have to then mail it again with the corrected address at a first class rate.
    • Address Service Requested is for wrong addresses also. It signals the USPS to look up the correct address and then send it out again themselves. They would then send you a form that references the mail pieces with the wrong address along with the new addresses. This service is more expensive than Return Service Requested. However, you would bypass having to mail it out again and paying for additional postage.
  4. In addition to the current location under the return address (1), ancillary service endorsements may be placed above the delivery address block (2), to the left of the postage area (3), or below the postage area (4) (postage stamps, meter stamps, or permit imprints). See the following example:


Bulk Mail Example


The UA Little Rock Non-Profit Indicia is a stamp that must be on all outgoing UA Little Rock bulk mail. The ancillary must accompany the indicia to meet the USPS requirements. UA Little Rock Printing Services has the indicia available and it can be sent to you electronically. An Indicia example follows:

Nonprofit organization stamp
For assistance with Bulk (3rd class) mail, contact Neal Rawlings at 501.569.8699 or narawlings@ualr.edu.