Minor in Management Information Systems

A grade of C or greater in all UALR or transfer courses is required in order to fulfill a course requirement in each of these minor blocks of courses.

Minor Requirements

(21 hours)

MGMT 3305 Management Information Systems
MGMT 3352 Advanced Personal Computer Applications
MGMT 4331 Management of Information Resources

  • Four courses or (12 hours) from the following (with approval of the management department chair):
    • ACCT 2310 Principles of Accounting I
    • MGMT 3307 Systems Development Methodologies
    • MGMT 3310 Business Applications in COBOL
    • MGMT 4309 Seminar: Special Topics in CIS/MIS
    • MGMT 4310 Network Technologies
    • MGMT 4311 Security Issues and Advanced Topics in Network Technologies
    • MGMT 4312 Object-Oriented Programming
    • MGMT 4350 Business Database Management Systems
    • MGMT 4355 Information Systems Development Project