SMC donates iMacs to Magnolia School District

With upgrades to the new Mac labs in the School of Mass Communication, 15 older iMacs were just taking up space waiting to go to a state warehouse, but they found a home Dec. 7 when they were donated to the Magnolia School District.

During an Educational Renewal Zone committee meeting earlier in 2006, Associate Professor Dr. Mark Giese mentioned how the SMC had computers that were obsolete and would be surplused.

Magnolia School District Curriculum Coordinator, Kim Wyrick, immediately said, “We’ll take them.”

This started a long process to make it happen. Dr. Christina Drale, associate dean for the College of Professional Studies, obtained permission from the state to donate the computers after doing extensive detective work.

“You think it would be easy,” said Giese.

Wyrick said the computers were much appreciated and will be put to use this spring.“The students will use the computers in presentations and for research,” Nancy Lewis, curriculum coordinator for the school district, said.

Giese hopes to make donations of unused SMC equipment routine.

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