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Master of Education in Learning Systems Technology


The master of education in Learning Systems Technology requires 36 graduate credit hours and completion of a comprehensive examination or portfolio.

Required Courses

The 36 graduate credit hours include:

  • 9 Educational Foundations hours
  • 21 Learning Technologies hours
  • up to 2 elective courses (Foundations, English writing, Learning Technologies or other content area approved by the adviser)

No more than six hours earned within the last 3 years of transfer credit will be accepted in the program.

Educational Foundations
    EDFN 7313 Theories and Principles of Instruction
    EDFN 7314 Cognition and Instruction
    EDFN 7370 Educational Assessment

    Learning Technologies
      LSTE 7303 Foundations of eLearning
      LSTE 7305 eLearning Environments and Education
      LSTE 7307 Research in Human-Technology Interaction
      LSTE 7311 Introduction to Instructional Design
      LSTE 7315 Instructional Design: Accessible and Universal
      LSTE 7317 Mobile Learning Environments
      LSTE 7323 Advanced Instructional Design

      Possible Electives

      LSTE 7313 Perception, Meaning, and Messages
      LSTE 7316 Applied Theories of Instructional Design
      LSTE 7320 Intranet and Internet Learning Systems
      LSTE 7329 Trends in eLearning
      LSTE 7325 Assessment in Learning Systems Technology
      LSTE 7330 Distance Learning Systems Technology
      LSTE 7350 Internship
      LSTE 7360 Seminar
      EDFN 7303 Introduction to Educational Research
      EDFN 7304 Basic Statistical Concepts
      EDFN 7308 Multicultural Education Trends and Issues
      EDFN 7330 Human Development
      RHET 5304 Technical Style and Editing
      RHET 5375 Grant Writing
      Other (requires prior approval by the adviser)

        Updated 4.2.2014