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Minor in Secondary Education

English & Language Arts Education

Praxis II Licensure Exams:
English Language
Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge - 10041
English Essays - 20042
English Pedagogy - 20043

Students must major in English (a 33-hour program) in keeping with the
following curriculum:

Required Courses (21 hours)

ENGL 3330 Approaches to Literature
ENGL 3331 Major British Writers I
ENGL 3332 Major British Writers II
ENGL 3311 History of the English Language
ENGL 3312 Grammatical Analysis of the English Language
ENGL 3360 Selected Topics (when taught as Studies in World Literature)
ENGL 4199 Career Perspectives
ENGL 4202 Teaching Literature in the Secondary Schools

Additional ENGL Requirements (12 hours total) to include:

American Literature (3 hours)

ENGL 3321 American Literature I
ENGL 3322 American Literature II
ENGL 3323 American Literature III
African-American Literature (3 hours)
ENGL 3326 African-American Literature I
ENGL 3327 African-American Literature II
Upper-level (3000-4000) ENGL Electives (6 hours)

Additional Competencies beyond required English hours
(8 hours)

RHET 4202 Teaching Writing in the Secondary Schools
RHET 3317 Introduction to Nonfiction Writing

Adolescent Literature (3 hours)
RHET 1312 (when the topic is Writing about Children and Their
RHET 4347 (when the topic is Writing for Children and Families)
SCED 4316 Adolescent Literature
ENGL 4370 (when the topic is Adolescent Literature)

Updated 10.11.2011